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Virginia Sunday Hunting

Sunday July 6th 2014 marks the first Sunday since pre blue law days that Virginians can hunt on private lands in Va legally. Some folks are at odds with this wondering the impact of game and what effect if any on the economy. Others believe that its a great boost to the preservation of hunting and more opportunityto spend time afield with family. Todays busy work schedules being far more diverse than long ago sometimes makes it difficult to find free time. Shift work, 6 day work weeks, youth sports all account for a busy week. I personally believe for the outdoors folks this is a huge gain in carrying on a tradition. Economical impact is another matter of numbers that the majority of folks dont look at when considering hunting time. Traveling hunters research open days when considering what states to hunt. I know this because I look often when hunting out of state. In that regards most will see this as a positive for license sales boosts regardless if numbers are small or high. That being said the folks that opposed this change argued Sunday hunting shouldnt be allowed. Factors of noise, encroachment on non hunting outdoor activities all came into discussion. Keep in mind this is a private land only change, not statewide. Some consider this to be a huge win for landowners. Why shouldnt they have the say on what they allow on their own property within legal means? If that landowner doesnt support Sunday hunting they have said their peace. As we move forward in Va exploring this change I urge folks to hunt safe and be respectful of others. Enjoy family time as you like in this great Nation.

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