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The golden years of firearm quality

I remember as a young hunter in the mid 80's many firearms were finely detailed instruments. The standard production Remington 700 BDL or Winchester Model 70 with walnut stock costing $600 is equivalent to today's $2000 model or even custom shop order. Hours spent flipping through the latest Outdoor life or Field and Stream usually revealed some of the latest popular guns. Todays hunters seem geared more towards accessorizing composite stocks and camo patterns with the occasional wooden gunstock in the gun scabbard. Since those days many manufacturers have gone out of business or sold out to investment groups. Marlin, H&R and Remington have suffered from those moves but could possibly be revamped. I'd love to see Remington climb back to their status of the 80's but we may never see those days again, only time will tell. Remington is currently regrouping under the ownership of the Round Hill group and is relocating in LaGrange Georgia. Browning, Ruger and Winchester still make some fine firearms today with their flagship rifles. They too have experienced the climate of manufacturing changes.

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