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Black Coyote in Virginia Mountains

You never know what lurks in the wild. Just like turkeys we see color phases in nature that turn our heads. Hunters in the Virginia mountain region are very familiar with coyotes these days. We have either heard them, spotted them or found evidence along the trail on our hunts. It doesn't take very long with the right call in the right location to have an encounter if solely hunting coyotes. Coyotes in Virginia can be hunted 24/7/365 on private land where the law permits. A lot of folks are taking advantage of this to hone their calling and shooting skills. Coyotes have become a very popular species to hunt. You don't have to live in the country far from city life to see a coyote or hear from someone who has. They are a predator that can survive on game from the size of a mouse to a mature buck and even cattle. Domestic pets are also part of their menu. They are very adaptive to surroundings and wary in terms of stealth and evasion. Recently a Virginia resident and hunter Jessee Newton killed this black phase coyote in Alleghany County Virginia. A rare color to see in the wild but I doubt it will be the last one we hear about.

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