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Return of the locusts

If you have lived in any of the Appalachian states (but not limited to) for a period of time you've heard the droning. Called locusts by many old timers (probably due to biblical reasons) the flying Cicadas emerge from the ground in cycles most heavily every 13 and 17 years. Annual cicadas can be heard in many states when a few drones can be heard from the cover of trees or bushes. The heaviest swarm isn't due for a couple years so you have time to buy extra ear plugs if you live near wooded areas. The most significant brood is known as brood "X" and that 17 year cycle is due back in Va 2021. For those that remember their last emergence in 2004 and prior 17 year cycles it's "the big one". They will scar your fruit trees and ornamental shrubs leaving marks in the bark and sometimes effecting yield. You can cover your trees with nets to help, add slick tin or plastic tubes to trunk to make them climb resistant. It's not so bad when they fly into the hair of an annoying relative at the outdoor family reunion but that's another story. Now for those turkey hunters interested it's suggested that some great hatches follow the previous years of the largest cicada cycles. Having an extra food supply always helps for healthier game. If you're keen on chasing some heavier healthy Tom's this might interest you. I don't look forward to the medium pitched droning that's going to surround the house for a summer but nature doesn't take orders from any man. Till then just enjoy your peace and quiet. You can follow what cicada broods emerge in your state and due dates here.

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